What’s In My Bag: The Working Mom Edition

We’ve all seen at least 100 videos and posts about what people have in their bags. Why do I find them so entertaining? Is it because I’m a nosey bugger? Probably.

Well, this will be less than thrilling but hey, maybe you’ll see something you like or you’ll be able to condense your bag a little as a mama to make it work best for you! So, here we go: (click each item to be taken to its link)

THE Bag:

bagI Recently got this bag thanks to my good friend Brandy, hey girl! She had one almost identical to this and I loved how minimal it looked but how spacious it actually is. It carries SO DAMN MUCH! I got this on AmazonPIN IT for $40.00. It is by the brand Kah&Kee and they have so many different colors, colorways, and textiles available. Hands down one of the best purchases I’ve made in awhile. It makes a great diaper bag too, FYI!








walletPIN IT

For the pride I take in my bag, I honestly don’t care for wallets. I don’t know why, but they piss me off. For the time being I am using my Tory Burch Amanda Continental Zip wallet. I got this as a gift so I’m not sure exactly how much it was and it is no longer available. You can find it on Poshmark though by quite a few sellers if interested. I like this wallet because it holds so much which is like ideal for me, but I also dislike it because it’s just huge…But hey, its cute and it matches so whatevs… #basicbitch.







plannerI’m a planner freak. I used to have like three planners at a time, but I’ve calmed down since then. Now I strictly use my Passion PlannerPIN IT and I absolutely love it. It comes in three sizes, small, medium, and large, but my personal preference is the medium size. It has space for goal setting and planning, monthly reflecting, focused weeks, etc. It’s perfect for me and my lifestyle and helps me stay on track! Definitely a winner in my book.







laptopI’m one of those weird people that almost always has their laptop with them. I work from home or honestly anywhere so being able to have it with me at all times when I need to quickly get something done is ideal. Laptop is the 13″ Macbook Pro and Case is the brand Mosiso on Amazon, sans the keyboard. (Case is linked in photo).




Phone Charger

chargerLike I said, I work from my phone and laptop so making sure my battery is charged is crucial. This iHome Portable ChargerPIN IT is my fav. Not only because it matches my house, but because the battery life is long as f*&%, it’s super slim and doesn’t take up room, and it charges super quick. Pretty sure I found mine at Marshalls, but here is the online link! Yay for efficiency.






Lip Products:

Alright, I got a lot… here we go:


chapstickI have made the pledge to switch over to as many non-toxic products as possible this year as the research I have done is just astonishing, but I’ll save that for another day. In doing so, just making a simple switch like chapstick is already a step in the right direction. I use the Arbonne Botaniques Moisturizing Lip BalmPIN IT and I love it. It’s not greasy, it feels great and it gets the job done all while not trying to kill me. Woo hoo!







lipstickI use a few. I don’t always stick to clean non-toxic makeup because I’m human and I love what I love, BUT I try to use my non-toxic products over anything else 99.9% of the time. So for my clean choice I use my Arbonne Smoothed Over LipstickPIN IT in Willow which is seriously THE BEST lipstick I’ve ever worn. It feels like butter, has amazing pigmentation, and ugh, it just feels amazing. The color is kind of mauvey, kind of brown, kind of lavender. It’s beautiful. There are 16 shades and they are all winners.






matte lipNext is my favorite liquid lip of all time. Dose of Colors in Lazy Daisy. It’s the perfect mauve with a slight lavender undertone which is my favorite combo… Obviously.

It’s currently sold out, but keep checking back. It’s soooo worth it.








liplinerSo next are my lip liners, Depending on what color i’m wearing I’m either using the lip linerArbonne Lip Liner in Peach, or the Milani EasylinerPIN IT in Most Natural. Both glide on super easy, are extremely long-wearing, and don’t sit in the fine lines or cake up. Boom baby!








Hand Products:


hand lotionMy lotion of choice is obviously my non-toxic choice, Arbonne’s Botaniques Hand Lotion. I love it because it doesn’t leave my hands greasy and if my daughter decides to try and eat my hand in a random spur-of-the-moment cannibalism taste-test, she won’t have any gross chemicals or nasty ingredients in her mouth. Obviously, that situation is something I try to avoid at all costs, but this child is somethin’ else.








sanitizerI’m basic in this area. Just give me that good ol’ Purell. I be changing them diapers on the go! I need all the 99.9% germ killing products I can get.









I always have snacks and things with me because she is a single mama on the go! Ya heardddd! So here are my favorites to have with me:

Fizz Sticks:

fizz sticksI have cut out coffee 98% of the time and have replaced my horrible addiction with these bad boys. These Arbonne Fizz Sticks contain antioxidants and a botanical blend of green tea, guarana and ginseng, combined with B vitamins and chromium, to help boost energy, endurance, cognitive function, focus, and helps reduce fatigue. Literally amazing for that 2:00PM slump.







Bobo’s Oat Bars:

bobosThese Bobo’s Oat Bars are vegan-friendly and are super delicious. I love having one or two in my bag in case I am stuck in need of a little snack and don’t want to give in to the “hungry shopper syndrome” where you just buy the first thing you see which is never good.





Baby Products:

Portable Changing Pad:

diaper changing padI’m a PRO at changing the kid in the trunk, BUT if you are away from your car and need to make sure baby isn’t touching those NASTY public changing tables, this is your new BFFL. This Comfy Cubs Portable Changing Pad is on Amazon and is so convenient. There are pockets and pouches for wipes and diapers and helps just take up minimal space while making sure we are getting the job done!





Multiple Pacifers:

pacifierIf you’re a mom that is anti-binky, then cool congrats. Your no-buck-teeth having kids are probably MISERABLE! JUST KIDDING! Total sarcasm. My kid is like addicted to the binky, and ya know what, I honestly don’t care right now. Happy Baby, Happy Mama. We will address that issue later down the road but for right now, these are her favorites and I carry at least 3 at a time because she is violent and throws them at people and things. (Slightly kidding). If you or your child needs a great pacifier, check out the HappyPaci by Dr. Brown’s.







Character Blankets:

blanketShay has so many of these things but her favorite is her LaLa. This blanket is the Mary Meyers Baby Lily Llama Character Blanket and it comes EVERYWHERE with us. Shay’s cousin had this and when I saw it, I immediately ordered her one, or three…Who’s counting. I always buy new ones when I see them at Marshalls or Carters or wherever, but the Llama is the fav.









Other than that there’s the usual… Gum, band-aids, tissues, tampons, etc. but these are the prime items that come everywhere with me!

What’s in your Mama-Bag?


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