My Dream Wedding

My wedding was my absolute dream wedding. The only thing missing was a live performance by someone of the likes of Kendrick Lamar. Also, I really wanted an all white Adidas track suit, but that was quickly shut down. Here’s the thing. I’m not your typical girly girl. Glitter makes me itchy, dresses make me annoyed, and having to watch my language is something I’m not accustomed to, so pulling off the “bridal-vibes” was difficult. There should really be a crash course or something for it. Due to my foul mouth, my entire family begged me the entire day leading up to the wedding to “please be a lady just for one day”.

Anyways, when Ivan and I first got engaged, I had an idea and theme in mind already. We had recently gotten back from a trip to Provence, France, and the vibe there was so my thing. I wanted muted tones, lavender everywhere (partially just to match my tattoo), and I wanted tons of natural elements. So once I nailed down my venue, which was the GORGEOUS Camarillo Ranch House, I felt like it really lended itself to this theme. I started meeting vendors (all of them are listed below), and really started to hone in on everything I wanted to transform the space into Provence. The great thing about the Camarillo Ranch House is that it is 100% just bones. Everything needs to be touched and the interior designer in me was having a field day. The more I started to nail down the flowers, furniture pieces, and elements to accomplish my vision, I started to notice how common this theme was. “Rustic” was so in and I was so out. I wanted out immediately. I called my florist, rental company, and wedding coordinator and told them to scratch EVERYTHING. If something is “in” I’m no longer into it. I want everything I do to stand out from the crowd and I have always been that way, especially when I shaved my head… we’ll save that for another time but just know it was not a Brittney Spears meltdown situation.

Moving on, so I knew I wanted the ceremony on the porch of this historical home. No one has done it before so HELLOOO Chas in the house! I also knew I wanted my oldest brother to officiate because no one is funnier than he is, just don’t tell him that. In addition to, they have a barn that has been renovated to hold events in and I wanted the reception in there. The barn is ALL BROWN inside with zero personality so I wanted everything to pop and contrast. I decided to go for a bohemian-glam vibe if you will. Tons of mixed metals, and the brightest flowers my florist could find. I also wanted some hints of vintage flair so we incorporated that with votives, picture frames, and lanterns. I have an obsession with chandeliers so I knew I also wanted to incorporate some of those as well.

When it came to the ceremony space I wanted the entire porch to be dripping in bright flowers. We didn’t have a wedding party so I wanted to really allow the photographs to have some sort of focal point. My husband is Mexican for those of you who don’t know, so we wanted to pay a little tribute to that with our music choice. For the ceremony we decided on a brilliant latin acoustic guitarist who honestly captured the vibe SO WELL.

When planning a wedding it is so important to prioritize in order stay on budget. Creating the atmosphere was more important to me than the dress. Weird, I know, but it’s the designer in me. I luckily found my dream dress at the exact price I wanted, but the flowers and rentals all took a higher priority. My goal was to make it feel like we weren’t in an old barn and I think I achieved that.

I will say though, try your dress on at least four times. I loved mine and it was The Dress, but I was left with bruises on my ribs for a week and a half after because of the friggin’ corset. Just sayin’, a track suit wouldn’t have done me dirty like that.

When it came to music, Ivan and I are HIP HOP HEADS to the max, but our guests aren’t so we really made sure to have a wide variety of options. For our first dance we literally cringed at the thought of everyone watching us sway for 2 minutes, so 5 days before the wedding we decided to choreograph a salsa number to Suavemente which I totally forgot 15 seconds in. My poor childhood dance teachers/dance moms must have been horrified watching! For dinner we had latin jazz playing and mainly Spanish ballads. Then everyone was on a good one and I’m pretty sure Swish Swish by Katy Perry came on, and at one point I’m pretty sure we had a pirouette-off. Also, I didn’t catch the memo that everyone was waiting on dinner to be served but was delayed because I was ALONE on the dance floor getting down to some old school funk… Eyes closed, Stevie Wonder head movements and everything. I apologize to all of you who had to witness that.

As beautiful and perfect as our wedding was, honestly what made it be perfectly dream-worthy was the vibe. I have never been in a room so filled with love, joy and happiness. It was honestly the most magical feeling ever. Everyone was just so happy for us and had the best time and that in itself was more than enough. The flowers didn’t matter, my dress didn’t matter, but seeing everyones’ smiling faces…That mattered.

I will say, the biggest advice I can give is: HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER/COORDINATOR. My anxiety is BAD, and Cari Izaguirre from All Occassions Event Planning honestly diminished all of it. She was a powerhouse and made sure EVERYTHING was right, and it was. So Cari, I love you girl! Thank you!

Venue: Camarillo Ranch House
Event Planner: All Occassions Event Planning: Cari Izaguirre
Florist and Rentals: Belle of the Ball
Rentals: Party Pleasers
Makeup: ME!
Hair: Lucy Daniels