June Hits and Misses 2020

The Good, the Bad, and the What the Actual Fuck…

I feel like 2020 is the best year to start my new series “”month” Hits and Misses”, because let’s get real… This year is a shit show.

I’m fully expecting July to be well equipped with hybrid bunny rabbits that are actually cannibalistic or Orca whales growing feet and walking on the beach drinking Mai Tai’s.

Sky’s the limit this year, am I right?

Alright, let’s just jump right in shall we? Let’s start with the negatives and end on positives…


1.// Covid-19

Let’s jump straight to it. Another month with good ol’ ‘Rona. I don’t have much else to say other than as this month is coming to an end, the spikes in cases and hospitalizations are insane and all you assholes not wearing a mask really need to catch a chancla to the face.

For the love of God, just find a new streaming service and stay home.

2.// Murder Hornets

This 2″ long, honeybee decapitating demon of a species made it’s first appearance in the US back at the top of the month. We all went ham on the name of these little fuckers, but apparently they’re not as murderous to humans as some suggested for the sake of headlines, sound familiar?

Regardless, IDGAF. Their appearance in Washington deemed too close for comfort which landed them on my list of total misses in June.

3.// Gypsy Moths

As if one weird looking creature wasn’t enough in the month of June, we got ourselves some Pokemon-looking things. Lowkey cute, but I digress.

Although they are not a threat to our lives by attacking us, they do pose a threat to agriculture, which in return, does threaten the economy and livelihood of residents where the infestation occurs, again…Washington. (What did ya’ll do to make Mama Earth so mad at you?)

4.// Cops Not Being Arrested for Murder

I’m sorry since when do people get away with murder? Just asking…

5.// Zoom Calls

I’m so over Zoom. Well, I’m over video chat in general, but Zoom calls in particular.

6.// Angel Soft Toilet Paper

You all left the crap toilet paper leftover. I get it. I wasn’t one of the crazy ones/smart ones to go to Costco and hoard a year’s supply of my favorite toilet paper. You all win, OK?! But for real, Angel Soft is anything but soft. It’s actually worse than cardboard… Not that I would know or anything.

7.// Netflix

Maybe I have horrible or limited taste in things to watch, but honestly, there is NOTHING to watch on Netflix after like a month of keeping your ass on Netflix. Can we get some better updates or more frequent updates? Sheesh.

8.// Trump’s Tulsa Rally

Seeing a bunch of racists dance to Michael Jackson had me feeling some type of way, but beyond that… That rally was a major miss. Epic fail. Are we surprised? Not at all.


9.// Kaiser Permanente

They’re always a miss but this month especially after my experience with them at Shay’s most recent visit. Mama bear was not happy.

10.// White Supremacy

This will be a miss every month, but because this is the first one, obviously we’re not here for it. Take your bigotry and let the door hit you on the ass please and thank you!

11.// ICE Concentration Camps

Let’s be real, they are 100% concentration camps and they are quite literally “gassing” these poor people in cages with disinfectant fifty times a day.

Not only that, but they are sexually abusing and assaulting these kids and by these kids, I mean 1000’s of kids.

12.// Pinterest Glitches

All bloggers know the importance of Pinterest. It is the main squeeze of our marketing strategies. Pinterest really got on that 2020 Brand and glitched out like crazy this past month. It sucked, but being trendy and on brand…10/10.

13.// Spiders in my House

I don’t know what it is this year but I killed 15 very large spiders in my house, specifically my room, and I’m not OK. That is all.

14.// Dating Apps

I conducted an experiment for a post this past month in regards to rating datings apps from bad to horrible. Well, the experience as a whole was shit and I now can add on my resume that I have experience with being ghosted. It’s a first. I feel like I’m finally part of a club.



1.// We’re Alive

This is a big one. Can we just take a minute to appreciate the fact that we are here to see another day?

2.// Gossip Girl is Still on Netflix

This is Netflix’s only redeeming quality right now minus a few other gems.

3.// Although Slow and Steady, We are Seeing a Change

With defunding the police and some cops being arrested and kind of held accountable for their actions, we are seeing a change that we have yet to see and we are making a difference. This needs to be celebrated.

4.// New Albums/EP’s/Singles Dropped

6lack, Teyana Taylor, UMI, JCole, Lady Gaga, John Legend, Lil Baby, Anderson .Paak, Beyonce, City Girls, Wale, Megan Thee Stallion, Skott, Jorja Smith, Meek Mill, YG, and more of course.

5.// Beautiful Peaceful Protests

Seeing this world come together and protest for BLM has been an incredible thing to see. Regardless of the looters and racists trying to tear the movement down, it has been an honor to witness just how impactful voices can be.

6.// Essential Oils

I have gotten into essential oils recently for helping my daughter and me with creating a more balanced and grounded space and it has been amazing.

One oil, in particular, has been helping Shay so much: Peace and Calming by Young Living. It is INCREDIBLE. Thank you lovely plant goodness.

7.// Being Featured on VoyageLA!

If you haven’t checked it out yet, go ahead and take a peek over on VoyageLA.

8.// Hamilton Announces Early Streaming on Disney+

Guys, we’re so close to getting Hamilton in our living rooms. Thank you to Lin Manuel Miranda for “giving two fucks”

9.// Voices are Being Found

Last but not least, I have witnessed so many people find their voices and find confidence in standing on the right side of history this month and it has been powerful and inspiring to see. So many of you have remained quiet for a while, but now you are speaking up and it is a beautiful sound to hear. Bravo.

14 Misses to 9 Hits… I stayed on brand to 2020’s fuckery.

What have been your hits and misses? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next month…

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