So Mama, You Want to Get a Divorce…

Well, society tells you not to even mention that word so, sorry! You're shit out of luck and you must stay in your relationship till your child is 18. Or so I'm told by Dr. Laura Schlessinger, why she's still on air is beyond me. In all seriousness, or at least as much seriousness as I can personally handle, divorce can be a very tricky decision to make, especially[...]


It’s Time We Yell About Postpartum Mental Health

We all know the baby blues can be expected after giving birth. We all know about Postpartum Depression and most of us know about Postpartum Anxiety, but there is little to no talk about any other mood disorder beyond those two. Why is that? If you have yet to read My Childbirth Story, I advise it before continuing because A. I am now a crowned bad ass and B. It w[...]


My Childbirth Story…

During my pregnancy I avoided reading blog posts like these like the plague! With my anxiety already at a 10, I didn't need any added triggers to increase my fear of labor. Up until the final month, labor and delivery scared the absolute shit out of me. It was total fear of the unknown and knowing that regardless of what I would hope to happen, no one knows how your[...]

second trimester

My Pregnancy Journey: Second Trimester

Pregnancy: Second Trimester "Enjoy the second trimester bliss, it won't last for long." What second trimester bliss are y'all talking about?! I was promised three months of feeling normal and having energy and being a productive hot tamale, none of which happened. First things first... I have turned into Jekyll & Hyde...Not even a cuter version of them eith[...]

pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy Symptoms No One Tells You About…

Pregnancy. Growing bellies, aches and pains, and morning sickness. These are the common symptoms we all hear about and expect when we get that first positive test, but no one ever talks about the embarrassing, strange, and flat out bizarre symptoms that also take place. Since I was caught off guard at some of these symptoms, I figured maybe others are caught off guard[...]


How Societal Expectations in Pregnancy Feed Mental Health Issues

Societal Expectations in Pregnancy... We live in the digital age where social media is built into our days and all information, true or false, is just a click away...Especially in regards to pregnancy. My husband and I knew we want to start trying to get pregnant in early 2018. We were both so excited to start a family and I was really looking forward to experienc[...]


My Pregnancy Journey: First Trimester

Pregnancy: First Trimester Hello friends! Long time no talk! Well, it's been about 3 months since I've been on here and let me tell you...Things have CHANGED! We're pregnant!! I have missed blogging and writing and connecting with all of you, but lord they were not lying about that morning sickness nonsense. I honestly needed 3 months to process, go through my emo[...]