My Survival Guide to the Terrible Two’s

The Good 'Ol Terrible Two's... It's the dreaded age that every parent has nightmares about. It's the onset of pure toddler fuckery and it's a lot. The "terrible two's" describe the developmental phase of new toddlers testing boundaries, and I mean testing. Once kids hit two it's like they think they officially run shit. They immediately believe they are adults an[...]

single mom life

Life as a Single Parent… 1 Year Later

It's crazy to think about how quickly things can change, but I think 2020 has been a true indication of just that. It's crazy to think that the last time I saw certain people, was truly the last time I would see them for months, maybe even a year. This time last year I was sitting in conflict. I was trying to listen to my brain and my heart, but I continued to i[...]

halloween ideas

Fun Halloween Ideas for Quarantine 2020

Ideas for Halloween 2020 It's understandable that us parents are bummed out that Halloween is "cancelled" this year. I get it, but trick-or-treating during a pandemic is just asking for trouble. This year we need fun Halloween ideas that will not only make the year memorable but keep everyone healthy and safe. This may be an unpopular opinion, or may ruffle some f[...]

pregnancy items you need

14 Items You Absolutely Need While Pregnant

MY LIST OF MUST-HAVE PREGNANCY PRODUCTS Pregnancy goes one of two ways. You either love it or you have it. Personally, I hated every second of it. Let's just say the "pregnancy glow" missed this one by a long shot. I will say though, thanks to some incredible pregnancy-related products, the 9 months went by pretty fast. Not every product is created equal, as[...]

sensory processing disorder

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder What is Sensory Processing Disorder? Well, good thing you asked because I'm sharing all about it! a little backstory... My 19-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with moderate/severe autism about two months ago. In addition to autism, she was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, which I alre[...]

autism diagnosis

Our Autism Journey – Shay’s Diagnosis

Autism Diagnosis and Beginning Steps About three weeks ago my mom and I were talking and I was commenting about my concern that Shay never responded to her name. I was trying to get her attention and she wouldn't look (which wasn't new), but for some reason that day it clicked. I knew she could hear me, because she would look towards noises or of course her favorite,[...]

hospital bag

The Hospital Bag Checklist I Wish I Had

For some reason, I was so excited for my hospital bag. Weird, right? I chalk it up to YouTube videos of mom vloggers showing off their Louis Vuitton weekender bags full of cute robes and slippers and perfume and their curling iron and makeup like this was a thing. It's not a thing. For starters, let me just say, pack that bag early. Like EARLY. Why? Let us begin...[...]

activities to do at home with kids

7 Super Easy Activities To Do At Home With Kids

Children are hard to occupy at the best of times never mind during the current lockdown situation. Are you a parent who is at their wits' end, pulling their hair out and not knowing how they can manage one more day? If you answered yes, yes and YES to that then I recommend that you keep on reading. There's so much pressure at the moment to keep on top of education, ac[...]

mothers day

How to Make Mother’s Day Special in Quranatine

Mother's Day Online Mother's Day has always been a holiday I look forward to. Beyond celebrating my beautiful mother and spending the day with family, it always felt like that specific day was when Summer really started to kick off. Maybe it's all the outdoor barbecues we had, but it was always a time I looked forward to. Fast track to me actually becoming a mom,[...]


What’s In My Bag: The Working Mom Edition

We've all seen at least 100 videos and posts about what people have in their bags. Why do I find them so entertaining? Is it because I'm a nosey bugger? Probably. Well, this will be less than thrilling but hey, maybe you'll see something you like or you'll be able to condense your bag a little as a mama to make it work best for you! So, here we go: (click each item[...]