Affordable Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For my full disclosure policy click here Since you all loved my post of The Best Boho Decor on Amazon so much, I figured I'd cater to my farmhouse decor babes as well. Here are some super affordable and cute farmhouse decor items from our favorite online retailer, Amazon!   Wine Rack w/ Gl[...]

earthy decor

Best Earthy Decor from Urban Outfitters

Earthy Decor is here to stay, friends. It's safe to say we all just want buckets full of pampas dumped all over our home. I mean, that and macrame rainbows and we are the epitome of Instagram goals. Urban Outfitters just stays holding it down on all fronts. You may be a fan, you may not be, I don't care. You can't tell me these decor pieces aren't a vibe though![...]

boho decor

Best Boho Decor on Amazon

Honestly, Amazon is the ideal boyfriend. Always available, always present, efficiency on fleek, never late unless its an emergency, and caters to my every need. I mean, #boyfriendgoals, am I right? Since being on my own with babygirl, I went on a home decor rampage and restyled my entire home. My victims were Target, Home Goods, and my boo Amazon. After sharing som[...]

cleaning checklist

Daily Cleaning Checklist + Free PDF Download

      Cleaning don't come easy. Boy... please believe me...(my rendition of I'm Goin' Down...You're welcome.) But in all honestly, cleaning doesn't come easy to me which is incredibly odd seeing on how my mother is the QUEEN of cleaning. I don't know why but the daunting tasks that come with cleaning are so overwhelming for me that it takes[...]


Home Style: Moroccan

Bright and deep jewel tones, intricate details, and mixing of textures and textiles,  are just some of the necessary elements to achieve the Moroccan design style. Influenced by the blending of cultures, you can find threads of Spain, Portugal, France, Rome, North Africa and the Middle East all combined to create the exotic and elegant design style that is Moroccan.[...]


10 Tips For Decluttering Your Home

Having clutter in your home instantly causes clutter in your mind, so let's fix that with decluttering. Finding easy ways to keep the clutter at bay is a necessity for a clear mind and happy home. I am queen of clutter and mess and it is something I have a really hard time with, but these tips are easy enough for me so I KNOW they will be easy for you too! Figure[...]


Home Style: Danish Hygge

Danish homestyle is not for all, but I am obsessed. The simplistic color scheme and added textures create a cozy minimal environment playing off of natural elements. As Americans do so well, we popularize everything that is "foreign" to us, until it is no longer "cool". So why would the Danish lifestyle of hygge be any different? Hygge is most simply defined as cr[...]


Home Style: Greek Isles Inspiration

I have always been fascinated with Greece. Pretty sure it all started with Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but let's just keep that between us, shall we? All the white homes with pops of cobalt blue next to the sparkling ocean, GAH! Take me there now! To bring that airy, bright, and effortless style to your home, follow these tips: Color Palette: W[...]


Home Style: French Provincial

French Provincial: My Love Letter to You: My love for home decor is probably heavily influenced by my mom and her amazingly talented friends. The before mentioned are all so creative and are interior design genius', regardless of their actual careers. French Provincial inspired elements are a big staple in our family home, and have been for awhile. After traveling[...]


5 Easy House Plants to Liven Up Your Space

House Plants to Bring Greenery and Joy to your Home! From someone who has the brownest thumb out there, house plants have always been anxiety inducing for me. Ask my ex-husband, he had to replenish my flowers weekly. It's just not in my wheelhouse! So, I decided to do some research and try to find the easiest plants to care for! The lowest-maintenance of the plant sp[...]