Greenwashing: What it is and What to Do About It

What is Greenwashing and How to Protect Yourself From It... Greenwashing has been gaining more and more attention over the past few years. Luckily it has because I was one hundred percent a victim. For those of you that are unaware like I was, greenwashing is a marketing tactic companies use to falsely market their products as "natural" or environmentally sound.[...]

sensory processing disorder

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder What is Sensory Processing Disorder? Well, good thing you asked because I'm sharing all about it! a little backstory... My 19-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with moderate/severe autism about two months ago. In addition to autism, she was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, which I alre[...]

shadow work feat

Shadow Work: A Complete Guide to Self-Healing

shadow work and learning to love your darkness... You're probably thinking, "Darkness? Girl, what witchy nonsense is this "shadow work" you speak of?", but stick with me for a minute. We all have a light side and a dark side. To further simplify, our light side encompasses the qualities and traits we like, love, and appreciate about ourselves. Our dark side (shado[...]

journal prompts for moms

25 Journal Prompts for Moms

25 journal prompts for moms who need to relax I've said it here before, but I'll say it again, journaling isn't my jam. This blog is the closest I'll get to opening up a notebook or journal and writing down my thoughts. Don't ask why, but it gives me anxiety, but for many people, it does quite the opposite. It releases anxiety and helps ground you. It allows you[...]

hits and misses june

June Hits and Misses 2020

The Good, the Bad, and the What the Actual Fuck... I feel like 2020 is the best year to start my new series ""month" Hits and Misses", because let's get real... This year is a shit show. I'm fully expecting July to be well equipped with hybrid bunny rabbits that are actually cannibalistic or Orca whales growing feet and walking on the beach drinking Mai Tai's.[...]

self love gift guide

The Self-Love Gift Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed

A List of Things You Absolutely Do Not Need, But Should Get Anyways... Yeah, you read that right...SELF-LOVE GIFT GUIDE. A.K.A. A list of things you really don't need to purchase, but you should because "hashtag self-love" Alright, I was shmying the internet ("shmying" is Yiddish for "looking" or "browsing"), because quarantine and I saw some of the cutest thing[...]

earthy decor

Best Earthy Decor from Urban Outfitters

Earthy Decor is here to stay, friends. It's safe to say we all just want buckets full of pampas dumped all over our home. I mean, that and macrame rainbows and we are the epitome of Instagram goals. Urban Outfitters just stays holding it down on all fronts. You may be a fan, you may not be, I don't care. You can't tell me these decor pieces aren't a vibe though![...]

anxious thoughts

Releasing Anxious Thoughts for Good: Action You Can Take Today

Humanity is an intense experience. You hear the words “unprecedented times” a lot these days, but life has always been unprecedented! Until there is a way to predict the future, we’ll stay living in unprecedented times. For this reason, it’s really nothing strange that many people have anxious thoughts! However, understanding that doesn’t do you much[...]

depression in quarantine

Quarantine Depression: Like Walking Through Quicksand

Are you feeling like depression in this quarantine has flirted with you once or twice? You're not alone.... It's May which means it's Mental Health Awareness Month! As great as having a month is, let's be honest, every day is mental health awareness day especially now. I feel like life has been the most insane rollercoaster these past two months. The ups have b[...]

how to not care what others think

How to Not Care What Others Think of You

How to Free Yourself of What Others Think I spent the greater part of my life caring what other people thought of me, almost obsessively too. I can place partial blame on my OCD, but that's like a solid 10% if that. I know I am not alone in this either. Majority of the world, especially if you are under the age of 30, care so deeply about what other people think of t[...]