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30 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

This birthday has been "creep creep creepin'" up on me... (If you know where that is from, I love you). t h i r t y. For some reason that number just sounds scary. It hits different. I feel like my childish behaviors are no longer acceptable now! In the past thirty years I have gone through quite a lot and because of that, I have learned so much about myself, life,[...]


The Beginners Guide to Crystals: 10 Essential Crystals to Have

An Intro to Crystals and Metaphysical Properties If you live in Los Angeles, there is no way in hell you don't own a crystal. It's just a requirement of the city to live here. But in all actuality, crystals are something I grew up with in my family without even realizing. My parents wonder why I'm such a boho hippie at heart, but they created it. Some of my favo[...]


How to Find a Good Therapist + My Traumatic Experience

Therapy and Mental Health I have always been a huge advocate of therapy. If anyone is going through a hard time and mentions even a glimmer of desire to talk to someone about it, I always offer my opinion (if asked for). Personally, I think everyone should do at least one full year of therapy in their adulthood.  We carry so much baggage from our childhood. It just[...]


The Power of the Universe, Manifestation and Introspective Work

This past year has been weird as fuck. Let’s just sit in that thought for a moment and really grasp that we are finally here in the first month of 2021.  What. The. Actual. Fuck type of movie was this last year?  As much of a shit show as 2020 had been, I can’t even begin to describe how much healing and introspective work was accomplished through it all. I st[...]


ChaChaChats: HardQuirk – OCD Advocacy & Education

TCB: I am honored and excited to share Hard Quirk with all of you! Hard Quirk is an online resource providing advocacy, education, and awareness for OCD. What I love so much about them is that they are not only helping eradicate these negative stigmas and false narratives of what this disorder is, but they are making it easily available to all and super relatable. I[...]


Affordable Farmhouse Decor on Amazon

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For my full disclosure policy click here Since you all loved my post of The Best Boho Decor on Amazon so much, I figured I'd cater to my farmhouse decor babes as well. Here are some super affordable and cute farmhouse decor items from our favorite online retailer, Amazon!   Wine Rack w/ Gl[...]


Greenwashing: What it is and What to Do About It

What is Greenwashing and How to Protect Yourself From It... Greenwashing has been gaining more and more attention over the past few years. Luckily it has because I was one hundred percent a victim. For those of you that are unaware like I was, greenwashing is a marketing tactic companies use to falsely market their products as "natural" or environmentally sound.[...]

sensory processing disorder

What is Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder and Autism Spectrum Disorder What is Sensory Processing Disorder? Well, good thing you asked because I'm sharing all about it! a little backstory... My 19-month-old daughter was recently diagnosed with moderate/severe autism about two months ago. In addition to autism, she was also diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder, which I alre[...]

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Shadow Work: A Complete Guide to Self-Healing

shadow work and learning to love your darkness... You're probably thinking, "Darkness? Girl, what witchy nonsense is this "shadow work" you speak of?", but stick with me for a minute. We all have a light side and a dark side. To further simplify, our light side encompasses the qualities and traits we like, love, and appreciate about ourselves. Our dark side (shado[...]

journal prompts for moms

25 Journal Prompts for Moms

25 journal prompts for moms who need to relax I've said it here before, but I'll say it again, journaling isn't my jam. This blog is the closest I'll get to opening up a notebook or journal and writing down my thoughts. Don't ask why, but it gives me anxiety, but for many people, it does quite the opposite. It releases anxiety and helps ground you. It allows you[...]