7 Beauty Trends for Spring/Summer 2020

Can I get a HALLELUJAH?! Winter is ending and our Spring/Summer trends are ready to be rocked. Winter is not my season. I absolutely hate Winter. The cold weather, December being full of fattening food and lots of debt, January feeling like it lasts a damn decade, February full of cheesy Valentines Day nonsense… I sound like a grumpy senior citizen.

Let’s try this again…

Winter is Ending! Womp wompppp…Now we get warm weather, lovely flowers, flirty fashion, and some beauty trends that I am absolutely stoked about. Here are the 7 Beauty Trends you ABSOLUTELY need to rock this Spring/Summer. Let’s get right to it!

Eye Embellishments

eye embellismentWhether it’s minimal or super extra, this trend will be poppin’ off! Pearls, rhinestones, stickers, etc. Add a little umph to a simple eye look to take it from drab to fab baby!

Rock the trend by purchasing flat-back pearls or rhinestones from your nearest craft store, Ardell Duo Lash Glue, and cute little shapes like these star Glitter Shapes from Target!

Always use a gentle eye makeup remover when removing the embellishments and lash glue from your delicate skin!




White Liner

white linerIf you’re looking to step your liner game up, a clean white wing is unexpected but so gorgeous. What I love so much about this look is that it freshens up your look but also opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake. You can keep it classic with a solid wing liner, or you can do something different and graphic by create a double wing, free-floating liner, or something abstract and fun. No need to take it too seriously!

To get the look try this white liner from KVD Vegan Beauty.





A Blush Moment

blushThis spring we are crankin’ out the true baby pink blushes and making it a moment, honey! This next season it is all about the blush for the ultimate flushed look. You can get the look two different ways.

1. Layer your blush products, both cream and powder. Start by applying your cream blush and then layer a powder blush on top to create some gorgeous sheen, dimension, and tones.

2. Take a beautiful pink blush and add it to the apples of your cheeks, temples, and a little under your brow bone for the ultimate floral-fairy vibe.





gloss skinYou will be seeing a full glossed-over look in the coming months. What does that even mean? Well, gloss isn’t just for your lips now. We’re talking glossy eyelids, cheeks, lips, bridge of your nose, cheeks etc.  (As seen in Chanel’s Spring 2020 show)

Get the look by either purchasing a face gloss (like this one form Kevin Aucoin) or using some Aquaphor if you are stuntin’ on a dime. Apply it on the highest points of your cheeks, down the bridge of your nose, use a faint lip stain in the center of your lips and then add your gloss over and BOOM! Lookin’ good girl!

(Photo by christinekreiselmaier.com)


Matte Red Lip

red lip

You can never go wrong with a classic red lip, but this next season it is all about the matte red lip! Pair it with a barely-there eye look and bold brows is the ultimate fresh look. Instead of sticking to a classic red with a blue undertone, try a red lip that verges on orange.

A great matte liquid lip that will bring the heat this summer is this option from Smashbox.


*For another great look try a diffused pastel pink eye shadow all over the lid with a matte brick red lip! This look will keep you feeling edgy and fresh!*



Floating Eyeliner

floating eyelinerThis one is actually my favorite because I love playing around with liquid liner. Basically to achieve this look you want to create a subtle line with a color of your choosing either in your crease or right about it. Create a semi circle and play with the placement to flatter your eye shape best. I love to use a contrasting color or even a high pigment of glitter to just give the look an extra something special.

There’s no right or wrong way to do this, just have fun! Use multiple colors, use one color, keep it monochromatic or don’t, honestly just have fun with it!





Pops of Neon

neonThis started last summer and it’s carrying back in this year as well. Neon makeup is obviously fun and flirty and a great way to take a simple look to the next level. Whether its your lip color, eyeliner, shadow, etc, adding a small bit of color will surely make an impact.

To ease into this look, start with a pop in the inner corners of your eyes or rimming the waterline with neon eyeliner.

Have fun babes!






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